Denture Disposal


When I read this news article last month two questions came to mind:

1.Why would someone flush dentures down the loo?

2.Do the utility company seriously think people would want them back after they've been in the sewers for weeks?

I think posting photos of the dentures on their website in the hope of reuniting them with their owner is a complete waste of time, in fact if it were April 1st Id have assumed it was an April fools joke.

When it comes to replacing your dentures with new ones you may be wondering what you should do with your old dentures. Local schools or dental schools may be interested in taking them off you to be used in their teaching and many people dispose of them this way. However, don't donate them to charity like someone did here. There are many things I would give to a charity shop when I've finished with them but false teeth definitely aren't on that list.

When you are ready to replace your dentures make sure you take a look at some of the many beautiful smiles created here at The Smile Centre UK. Individually hand crafted dentures that look so natural nobody would ever know they weren't your own natural teeth.

To book a free consultation call 0800 327 7192, or enquire online and we will call you back to arrange a visit.



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